Jana Aranya - Satayjit Roy

I am such a novice in writing film reviews that this may not be treated as a review. If you are searching for a really good review of this film, you can visit, Jana-Aranya, a Forgotten classic . Being a blind fan of Mr. Ray, I should not mention his excellent, perfect, clinical precision, in terms of cinematography, photography and direction, for I am such a little known person to say a word on such technical matters.

I have watched this movie this Saturday and loved it. Not only for the story written by "Shankar" (Manishankar Mukherjee in disguise), for the direction, camera, cinematography, screenplay, technical precision, etc. but for a very rare and my beloved combination of Late Mr. Utpal Dutta and Late Mr. Santosh Dutta.

The dream combination can be found in my most beloved movies like "Hirak Rajar Deshe" and "Joi Baba Felunath", both from Late Mr. Satyajit Ray. So, my dear readers, find and enjoy them together in this movie too. Though purely an adult movie and the rest I mentioned are for children, their chemistry remained the same. Nothing more from me, enjoy it yourselves!


island of peace said...

i am yet to see a few movies of ray, this one is one of them.

i have read the story but forgotten.

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