It's good to see that, even if I have not taken any care of the blog of mine, it is still alive. I have gone through so many ups and downs, highs and lows, gains and pains, these many days, but this blog is still as it was when I used to regularly update this.

I have been to places, enjoyed many more movies, eaten different dishes and beverages, my eyes kept wide shut and my mouth stayed openly closed. Keeping all this in my mind, with the changing views of mine and opinions as well, I shall try to update this blog time to time.

This may sound like a resolution though, but I don't believe in them. I couldn't have kept any till date and don't think will adhere to any in future. Still, I shall try to update this blog with the changed views and not so common opinions of mine, time to time.


If the readers think that I am a lazy man watching movies and ranting about them, they are almost correct. There are so many serious topics in one's life that when I think of writing about the lighter side of life, I feel safe in writing about the movies.

RAAAN - "Ranjana Ami Aar Asbo Na" is a far far better movie than the King Khan's latest venture "RA One". If anyone disagree, please make sure that you know the reality behind these two movies. RAAAN is the story of a Bengali rock singer and his relationship with a budding rock singer, who is a "Bengali" girl. "RA One" is somewhat a mixture of terminator II + terminator III + Bollywood masalas (spices).

For a very good review of RAAAN, please visit this link.

Why RAAAN made me to write this post? RAAAN shows Ranjana, the girl, who is a budding "Bengali" rock star. RAAAN shows Abani, our Anjan Dutta, the real Bengali rock star surrounded by Lew Hilt, Amyt Dutta and Nondon Bagchi.

Just think of Bengali rock star, a term that only emerged in the late nineties. A girl as a Bengali Rock Star? A new term that comes up in 2011 with the movie RAAAN. The voice
of Ranjana, Somlata simply rocks.

I loved the way Anjan portrayed the inevitable frustrations of the creative people of loosing or fearing to loose their creativity in this movie. And in a short but strong role Suman was splendid. Both Parno (Ranjana) and
Ushasie are amazing. And Kanchan Mullick, no doubt is good. A five star movie in my opinion.

Icche - A must see Bengali movie

If an effort comes within your hearts core, full of desire to stand aside and to do something new, may be some day you can create an excellent product like "Icche - the desire". Now, the question is, who is this "you". Of course the first name comes in mind after watching "Icche" is Sohini Sengupta. She has proved herself in another movie called "Paromitar ek din - A day of Paromita" and now again in "Icche", she has proved too strong an actress to be used in any common movie. The new comer "Samik : Samadarshi Dutta" is no doubt excellent. Hats off to the directors duo Nandita Roy and Shibaprasad Mukhopadhya. And of course, my respect to the famous Bengali writer Suchitra Bhattacharya for the amazing concept of this novel of her's "Iccher Gach - The tree of desires". I wish all the luck for the cast and crew of this movie for getting grand success, which they have already achieved. But, question is, why am I writing this post when I am not going to write a review of this five star movie, already appraised and criticized in all the Bengali medias?

This is because, the movie has shown something beyond the normal convention of movies about relationships. Beyond the normal phenomenon of "Sans - Bahu (The mother in law Vs the newly wed bride)" staff always shown in Indian TV soaps and movies. It has a very strong point to guide the society towards a very obvious truth of mankind. Some way similar to the thoughts emphasized in recent movies like "3 - idiots". Your desire should never be challenged in your education, your family or by any circumstances. You should become what you want to become and that independence is more important than anything in your life.

The viewpoint of the movie gives the "other" perspective of a relationship that grows up between a mother and a son, which we mostly suppress all the time. The truth behind many relationships that we never dare to express in our whole lives. A must see "Bengali" movie and a thought provoking one.